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Here is where you can find a doctor, not a documenter.  I’m a documenter in real life.  I used to be an RD – real doctor.

Here’s a brief documentation of how I got here and there:

I’ve was Doogie Howser before Dr. Horrible was a gleam in his mother’s eye, trained under the eyes of Merciless Nuns and Greeks bearing me a grudge, sub-specialized, solo-practiced, hospicized, married and divorced a doctor who evolved from a Labor Committee drone to an ACOG power-meister, been group practicized, fired on my birthday,  married a whirlwind of BPD, PTSD and bat-shit crazy [and I say that in the most respectful way possible], worn a flight suit to clinic for 9 years earning the Legal Order See Attached Primal Scream call sign as my crowning achievement, got fired again from a Homeland Security assignment because I didn’t divorce my whirlwind of BPD, PTSD and bat-shit crazy [and I say that in the most respectful way possible] ex-wife soon enough, Medically Directed a Federally Qualified Health Center, quit Medically Directing and now work the day shift at the end of the world in a tsunami zone 25 miles from high ground where I live with my third and final wife who is my boss, Quality Director and Soul Mate.

Unfortunately, The NobabmaCare Clinic is only an idea place, as the truly independent physician providing Marcus Welby or Ben Casey care is not to be found  in the real world.


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