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December 5, 2015

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a label we use to describe many different diseases that maim and destroy people.  A cancer, or a malignant proliferation of transformed cells, starts out as what appears to be a normal cell in one’s body.  Perhaps some external effect: ionizing radiation, chemicals, infection as examples, or perhaps some innate and pre-programmed abnormality in nuclear DNA  or mitochondrial nucleic acids activates to initiate the process.  Cells that normally know what to do and do it, that respond to the external environment to conform to their assignment without interfering with the structure and function of other cells within the organism, stop being part of that system, feed off that system, and continue to multiply and spread throughout the organism until ultimately this interference fatally destroys the victim either directly or weakens it so much it succumbs to some other force and dies.

What are Progressivism, Marxism, Socialism, and Left-Wing Democratic Politics?

See above.

Why does Cancer grow and spread?

A myriad of processes keep our normal cells coordinated and productive.  Cancer cells are deaf to these –  they have their metaphorical fingers in their ears and are shouting “Lah, Lah, Lah” as loud as they can.  They have their own objective that is destructive and counters the objective of the body from which they have arisen.  Their nature and actions hides them from many of the normal protective mechanisms of the body until their numbers are great enough to overcome these protections.  They grow without concern for the normal cells around them, and spread by any means possible, often finding places to grow that are harder for the body’s protective mechanisms to access, like the brain.  They recruit normal body parts, like blood vessels, to proliferate within them to help feed their growth and spread by using the normal messengers the body uses to stimulate and fool the normal body processes into supporting the cancer.  When they suck significant energy and material from the body, the body innocently speeds up production of the energy and building block substances, often at the cost and neglect of normal body processes, to feed the cancer.  Sometimes this process is so effective that it alone leads to wasting and death without involvement of a vital organ.

Why does Progressivism, Marxism, Socialism, and Left-Wing Democratic Politics Grow and Spread?

See above.

How do you fight Cancer?

The best way to fight cancer is to prevent it.  Be vigilant and avoid exposure to things that promote its growth, and also keep normal cells strong and vibrant.  One does not deny that cancer exists, does not shirk from one’s responsibility by believing that there is a magic pill, diet, mantra or crystal that will prevent it from happening, but accepts that it is a possibility and regularly searches for signs or symptoms of its appearance so that the cancer can be terminated early.  You have to accept that any fight against many active cancers is more likely to lose than win.  So it is better not to have to start the fight at all.

Once a cancer is established, it begins sending seeds through the lymph and blood to establish new colonies throughout the body.  A strong body may be able to extinguish these colonies before they grow, or at least try to contain them and prevent further spread.  Once they are established, however, it is difficult but not impossible to cure the disease.  In some cases you can cut the metastatic disease out as well as the primary cancer, and the body will take care of mopping up the detritus, but this is rare. The primary cancer must be removed or destroyed, and the colonies destroyed by some process.  Commonly we use chemicals that the colonies are very sensitive to, but the normal body is also hurt by the treatment, and sometimes it dies in the attempt to cure the process.  Attempts to find chemicals that either turn off the malignant process within the cancer cells themselves, or stimulate the body’s defense mechanism to overcome the cancer’s defense mechanisms and destroy them are attractive approaches that have seen few successes so far.

How do you fight Progressivism, Marxism, Socialism, and Left-Wing Democratic Politics?

See above.

Next topic:  Is Islam a Cancer?

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  1. Well, I guess current events answer this question, though it might be unfair to cancer to equate it with Islam.

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