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The Obamacare World is Out There, Not in Here

December 2, 2012

Physicians and all other health care providers are evolving into unmindful data collectors solely responsive to the third-party/government financial officers who have replaced the yank on their fiscal and professional leashes with a shocking electronic medical records collar.

No longer Masters of Our Fate, we find this Invisible Fence is built to keep us from straying outside the boundaries prescribed by our Masters of State.

We are being trained first to document as we interact with people seeking health care, at the cost of our human interaction.

Providers find themselves entering the examination room with a bean-counter with a stopwatch.

We are constantly asked to second guess our treatment decisions (not yet our diagnostic ones, but I am sure that is coming) by non-clinical government and insurance workers asking us to consider different and cheaper medications, if not to consider discontinuing them entirely.


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